Client Work

Transparency is critically important to me as a journalist. I draw I bright red line between my client work and my investigative writing. That said, my client work counts as some of the best writing I’ve produced and I’m very proud to share it. Any personal enthusiasms I choose to share are wholly at my discretion. While I have been paid to research and write about these wines for the the client’s own purposes, I am neither paid nor under any other obligation to promote them.


Schatzi Wines

In March 2018, I wrote a profile of Württemberg winemaker Mortiz Haidle for The Vintner Project. As part of my research for the piece, I reached out to Kevin Pike, founder of Schatzi Wines, who brings the Haidle wines into the U.S., for his perspectives. After the profile was published, Kevin contacted me, asking if I would be interested in being a contributing writer and editor for his website, in charge of researching, writing, and editing the detailed producer profiles featured on his site and in his book. This launched a collaboration that has brought me into close contact with extraordinary regions, traditions, producers — and, of course, wines.

Selected work sample:

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