Client Work

Transparency is of critical importance to me as a journalist. My client work is distinct from my journalistic writing. That said, I believe the work I have done for clients counts as some of the best writing I’ve produced and I’m very proud to share it. That said, any personal enthusiasms I choose to share are wholly at my discretion. While I have been paid to research and write about these wines, I am neither paid nor under any other obligation to promote them.


Schatzi Wines

In March 2018, I wrote a profile of Württemberg winemaker Mortiz Haidle for The Vintner Project. As part of my research for the piece, I reached out to Kevin Pike, founder of Schatzi Wines, who brings the Haidle wines into the U.S., for his perspectives. After the profile was published, Kevin contacted me, asking if I would be interested in being a contributing writer and editor for his website, in charge of researching, writing, and editing the detailed producer profiles featured on his site. This launched a collaboration that I feel has yielded some of my best work. My research and writing have brought me into close contact with extraordinary regions, traditions, producers — and, of course, wines.

Selected work sample:

Marcel Zanolari

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